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Ghost of Chicago (Ressurection Mary)


Halloween night 2002.

My cousin and I, just a couple of average High School Teenagers, always willing to try different things, especially when it comes to legends. There was this dirt road we used to ride up and down, drinking beer, doing whatever. There's not really too much that you can do when you live in Bradford IL. We have been up and down this long dirt road, that branched off to several other different dirt roads, that went on for miles and miles in the woods of Monmouth IL. Way way out in the middle of the woods, there was this bridge that had been rebuilt but the a bridge had been there for as long as anyone in the town can remember. There was this old town legend that a long time ago, a very long time ago, this women and her baby were traveling down the dirt road one night when something happened and there carriage overturned into the river below where they both drowned. Legend has it that something or someone had spooked her horse which in turn caused the carriage to overturn. Legend also has it that if you park you car on the bridge, put your keys on the hood, and say aloud "I killed your baby," your doors will lock, your car will not crank, and you will here the baby crying. "yeah right" my cousin Ashlee said as I was driving through town, that halloween night. "that can't possibly be true" she said again. Being the opened minded person that I am I told him "there's only one way to find out!" We both grinned as I turned the car around and off to the long dirt road we started. about 30 mins later we reached the bridge. It couldn't have been a more perfect night to play the old legend games that are quite common among teenagers. It was halloween, and there was this layer of fog cutting through the floor of the woods, which didn't allow us to see the river bottom, not even with a flashlight. We were both trying to be the tough ones, with our I ain't scared attitudes. Sitting there talking, but in all actuality we were just prolonging what we had came to do. Finally the I flopped the keys down on the hood, and said to me "lets do it!" We both sat there for a few mins, wondering who was going to go first when suddenly I shouted out, "I killed your baby!" Nothing, just silence. Then we reliazed a little too silent. All the crickets and bugs, and frogs and all the night time creatures were not making a sound. I was just starting to get chills when AShlee said to me "listen!" Off in the distance I heard a faint cry which sounded like an animal at first but then I quickly realized that it wasn't what wanted it to be. When we finally came to our senses, and unthawed from being frozen with fear, and realized that this little fun we were having just took a 90 degree turn and went completly wrong, we jumped in the car. We could still hear the crying slowly getting closer and closer. Screaming "start the f**king car, start the f**king car," I just knew that it wasn't gonna crank,Finally when it did start. Ashlee threw the car into gear, and stomped on the gas but thats when the real scare came into play. The car was barely moving on the bridge. The tires weren't spinning or anything, and the RPM's were maxed out on the gage, but the car was just slowly rolling. Through both of us screaming whats going on, and the engine, we could still hear the crying which seemed to be coming from behind us. Finally when the front tires rolled off the front of the bridge, the car took off like a bat out of Hell. I was looking straight ahead, refusing to look back, but Ash turned to take one final look. That's when she told me she could make out a horse on the bridge in the dense fog. We went straight to her house, because She lived the closest and went inside. We never told anyone about this, because we never thought that anyone would believe us.